Picture Salon launches its new web site on May 12, 2012

Web Site Has Many Great New Features

A secure and seamless ordering system.

Since 2004, Picture Salon has existed primarily as an Internet-based business.  As the years have progressed we have added features to our web site to make ordering easier such as providing a method for uploading multiple images. But, our main ordering system has always been -- admittedly -- a bit "antiquated". Now, finally, we can offer our customers the ability to seamlessly upload, edit and place their orders securely and efficiently without the need to call us with a credit card number! That, for us, is truly revolutionary!

A personal account system.

In addition, as part of the ordering process, you will be creating your own personal account so that, when you come back to our site, you may check on the status of your order, review images that you have already uploaded to us and reorder prints that you need -- all in a secure, personal environment.

An "Instant Quote" calculator.

We have also created, for your convenience, an "Instant Quote' calculator that will allow customers to get a quick price quote for any size or quantity of either canvas or paper prints.

An image editing system.

We have also created a custom image editing "console" as part of the ordering process whereby you can crop and edit your images, add borders and request additional services such as proofing, scanning, retouching and other services.

All in all, we feel that we have created a new web site that has addressed many of the shortcomings of the past.

We would be pleased to hear from our customers about the new site and to provide any useful feedback or to report problems that they may have encountered. You may simply call our toll free number or send an email to info@picturesalon.com.

Thank you for being a loyal Picture Salon customer. We look forward to serving you, as always, and to meet your print reproduction needs.