The Advantages of Opening An Account

Creating an account on our new web site offers numerous advantages.

When you create an account on our new web site, you can take advantage of many features that you otherwise would not be able to enjoy.

1. All of your orders will be remembered so that if you should decide to place a similar or exact order in the future, it is easy as signing on and checking a box. Done!

2. All of the images that you upload will be stored so that you will know exactly what images are available to reorder. Shoud you decide to reorder a particular image, it is very easy to find a reference to it in your account.

If you are already an existing Picture Salon customer but have never logged on to create an account, we highly recommend that you do so to take advantage of these features. Unfortunately, none of your order history or old images will be displayed on your account  -- only new orders and images. However, should you want to reorder an image from the past, we can load a thumbnail of that image into your account for future reference.

If you decide not to create an account as you place your first order, none of the information that you have provided (name, address, email, images, invoices, etc.) will be available to you. You can always come back later and create an account, but the information from previous orders will not be available.

Of course, please do not be concerned about your privacy. Picture Salon does not share your personal information with any other business or third party. We respect your privacy.

So, sign up today!