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First Time Questions

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What do I need to get started?

You will need an image file - either a scan of your original artwork or a photograph.

How do I capture my original artwork?

The best way to have your original artwork reproduced is to send it to Picture Salon. We can guarantee that your original art will be faithfully reproduced and color correct.

If you cannot ship your artwork or are reluctant to do so, try to find a local reprographics company or a photographer who has copied artwork before. We always recommend that you have your artwork captured at the original size at 300 dpi (or dots per inch).

If you decide to try taking a picture with your digital camera, please keep in mind the following points:

  • Make sure your camera is set to its highest resolution.
  • Light your art as evenly as possible.
  • Make sure the camera lens is parallel to the surface of the artwork.
  • "Bracket" or take different exposures.
How do I pack my original art for shipping?

The best method for shipping paper artwork (i.e. watercolors, drawings) is the following:

  1. Place a protective tissue over the art.
  2. Sandwich the art with either cardboard or foam core.
  3. Wrap the sandwiched art in plastic or place in a large plastic bag.
  4. Sandwich the packaged art yet again in cardboard or foam core making sure that the corners of the sandwiched art are at least one inch away from the outer edge of the package. The corners of the package are always the most prone to bending and damage. You may also want to reinforce the corners with extra cardboard.
Limit of Liability For Accepting Original Artwork

Due to the fact that our prices are not proportionate to the value of materials entrusted to us, your materials are received and stored by us only at your risk. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage by fire, theft, negligence, or any other means, for customer supplied materials.

Submitting any original work of art, film, print, slide, negative or other material to this firm for scanning, printing, or other handling constitutes an agreement by you that any damage or loss while in the custody of Picture Salon or its agents, even though due to the negligence or other fault of our company or agents, will only entitle you to replacement with a like amount of paper, unexposed film and processing. Except for such replacement, recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded.

Once I pay the proofing fee for a new image, do I ever pay it again?

No, once we correct the colors to your satisfaction, there is no additional fee except the per print charge.

Does the print cost cover everything, including the cost of the substrate, or media?

Yes, it does cover the substrate (photo, watercolor, canvas,etc.) labor and ink costs. We do not charge a "setup" fee. The only other charge is postage.

Do you keep the print settings so I can make additional prints in the future that will match identically with what I have printed already?

Yes, we maintain a record of the file and back it up for print-on-demand reorders.

How long do your prints last?

We use only the most archival materials and inks. Under normal conditions, our prints should not fade for at least 60 - 200 years, depending upon the substrate and the environment in which the print is displayed. We do not recommend hanging the finished work in direct sunlight. We use inks manufactured by both Canon and Epson. Wilhelm Research has done extensive studies on the archival qualities of pigmented inks and media.

Can you provide Certificates of Authenticity for the prints you make for me?

Yes for an additional fee.

Do you store my image files after making prints and are they secure?

Yes, we maintain your files indefinitely and back them up as well. Our computer systems are not on a wireless router and are very secure.

Do you also protect the privacy of my images?

Yes, we guarantee that your file is secure with us. We will never share your artwork with anyone or create prints from your file without your consent.

Do you drop-ship?

We are happy to drop ship your order directly to your customer. There is no extra charge for this service.

Simply enter your customer's address in the delivery address field and tell us in the comments field that this is a "drop ship". We will then ship the order using your name and address in the shipping return field rather than ours. The package will not contain an invoice or other information identifying us. You will receive an email with the tracking information.

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If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please call us at 888 833-1102 or email us at

What is a giclée
(pronounced "jhee-clay")?

A giclee print is a digital inkjet print. It is made using a combination of pigmented inks and archival substrates (paper/canvas).

The inkjet printer literally blends the colored inks as it prints to produce seamless, highly detailed prints of stunning color and detail.

A giclee should not fade for a minimum of eighty years!

If you are interested in reading more about the history and method of giclees, please read more here.

Standard Frame Sizes

If you are making your prints to fit in a standard frame with a pre-cut mat, the following is a list of frame sizes and mat openings that you can find at most arts and craft stores.

Frame SizeMat OpeningImage Size
8" x 10" 4.5" x 6.5" 5" x 7"
11" 14" 7.5" x 9.5" 8" x 10"
16" x 20" 10.5" x 13.5" 11" x 14"
20" x 24" 15.5" x 19.5" 16" x 20"
24" x 36" 13.5" x 23.5" 20" x 30"
30" x 40" 21.5" x 31.5" 22" x 32"

You should only use this as a guideline since mat openings can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If you need custom cut mats, please give us a call or add it during your order.


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