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Modern, sleek, awe-inspiring colors

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HD Aluminum prints by ChromaLuxe

Modern, sleek, with awe-inspiring colors. ChromaLuxe HD Dye-Sublimation Aluminum prints are the perfect choice to make your image pop, and leave people breathless.

The Dye-Sublimation process is far superior to printing directly on to metal. Your image is permanently fused to the metal through high pressure and heat. This creates an ultra long lasting print with a wide color gamut.

Prints are available in both white and silver aluminum
HD Metal Prints by Chromaluxe
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Metal Display Options and Pricing

Quality Options

Due to the nature of how dye-sublimation metal prints are created, there is a chance for minor surface flaws (usually the size of a pinhead).

By choosing the museum quality upgrade, we will redo your print multiple times, if necessary, to reduce imperfections before we ship it out, and increase the likelihood of having a truly flawless metal print.


HD Aluminum Prints are produced using a different process than our paper and canvas prints, you may notice a slight color shift.

Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time from all metal prints is 4-5 days.

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