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Technical Questions

What is the importance of calibrating my monitor?

A calibrated monitor can make a very big difference in terms of the correct display of your image. If you do not have a calibrated monitor, then there is a greater chance that the image that you see on your computer screen will not look the same as the final print.

What is an ICC profile?

An ICC profile refers to special color control that delivers the proper amount of ink to the print. Each paper and canvas has a custom ICC profile to optimize the final appearance of the image being printed.

What is "soft proofing"?

Soft proofing refers to a setting within Photoshop that allows you to pre-visualize how the final print will handle contrast and color. You may find our entire list of ICC profiles here.

What is the difference between JPEG & TIF files?

A JPEG file uses a compression technique that can lower quality whereas a TIF file does not.

The JPEG format uses what's called 'lossy' compression. It's very good at creating smaller, compressed files but it achieves that by losing some of the image data. Additionally, with jpg files, every time the file is resaved more data can be lost. As long as you do not resave the original image from a digital camera, the file will still maintain its original quality. But if you make an adjustment and rename the original file, the compression technique will reduce quality every time.

We recommend working with TIF files. They do not lose information every time they are opened and resaved. These files will be larger and therefore slower to save but the final prints will be higher in quality. TIF files can also be compressed without losing quality by using the LZW option. LZW is 'lossless' compression. Image detail isn't lost.

What is Adobe RGB?

Adobe RGB is an accepted standard that has a richer color "gamut" than other color spaces such as CMYK and sRGB.

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