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Wholesale Accounts

Picture Salon is in the process of developing a wholesale accounts program in order to help artists, who are regular customers, take advantage of certain cost savings. The program relies on two main features:

  • Establishing a Tax Exempt Account
  • Establishing Pre-Approved Revenue Levels
Tax Exempt Account Number

In order to qualify for tax exemption, you will need to submit to us your Tax Exempt Certificate which has an Account Number. As of this date (January, 2012) the only states that require us to obtain a record of your certificate are Wisconsin (our place of business) and New York State. As more states require online businesses to charge sales tax, we will require residents of those states to provide us with copies of their certificate in order to avoid being charged a sales tax.

To obtain a certificate, you will need to contact your state Department of Revenue for the appropriate form.

In Wisconsin it is called the Wisconsin Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate.

In New York it is called the New York Sales Exemption Certificate.

Discounts via Pre-Approved Revenue Levels

Picture Salon can offer volume discounts above and beyond our standard volume discounts to customers who, over time, provide a certain minimum amount of recurring business. The discounts can mean an increase over our standard discounts by as much as 5% - 15%.

In order to qualify, you must first generate at least $2,000 in quarterly revenue and provide information about your business (i.e a web site where you offer your work for sale, a copy of your business card). To find out more about this special program, please contact us at

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