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Proofing is highly recommended when you want to make sure that your submitted images will look their best as final prints. It is also recommended when you are ordering a large quantity of prints.

Proofs are printed on the canvas/paper/metal/card that you ordered and then are mailed to you via USPS first class mail. The proof will be sent out within 4 business days and can take up to 5 business day to receive once mailed. The proofing process can add time to your turn around time so please plan accordingly.

Proofing is a onetime fee charged on a per image basis.

Soft Proofing FREE

We recommend using our calibration cards for seeing how colors are displayed on each paper type, and for soft proofing.

To use this card for soft proofing, you will need to order a card in your desired paper type, and then download the digital card using this link: Calibration_Card.tiff

Once you receive your physical Calibration Card, you can then compare it to the digital file, and make adjustments to your monitor in order to make them as close as possible. Soft Proofing is not a guaranteed way to make sure your colors match, but will help show the general direction of your printed file. Please keep in mind that if color accuracy is of upmost importance, we always recommend adding a physical proof to your print order.

You can also download ICC profiles and soft proof that way. This method is only recommended if you have a calibrated monitor, controlled and proper temperature lighting, and understand how to properly use ICC profiles. Please DO NOT save and embed these profiles into your files. That will cause color issues when being printed, as your files will essentially be “double profiled”. Using ICC profiles is for artists or photographers that are very experienced in color management. We recommend using the calibration cards over ICC profiles in most cases.

Card Proof $1.75

Once your electronic card layout is approved, we take your original file and print it on the selected cardstock.

NOTE: You will always receive a card layout with any “new” card order. The “card layout” confirms the spelling and placement of the card credits & selected crop, while the “card proof” confirms color accuracy.

Single Proof $10.50

Single Proof is best option if you can make your own file adjustments. We take your original image and print a small, approx. 5”x7” image as well as a 2.5" x 7" detail section at full size.

sample image proof - single

Once you receive the physical proof, if you would like to make any edits you can do so and re-upload the file using the following link -upload image files- at the bottom of our website. If you would like us to send you another single proof ($10.50) of the new edited file we can manually add that to your order otherwise we can use the new adjusted file and send it straight to print.

Double Proof $18.50

This proof method is best if you would like us to make file adjustments. We take your original image and print a small, approx. 5"x7” image as well as a 2.5" x 7" detail section at full size.

We will send you a single proof of your original, unedited file exactly as it was uploaded, and then a second version with adjustments that could improve the final print quality. These adjustments are on a case by case basis, but generally consist of adjusting white balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, levels, curves, or other adjustments.

sample image proof - match

Match Proof

Match Proof starts at $35 - please only select this proof type if you have a print or original to match the digital file to.

We adjust your image according to a "match" or reference print of the original provided by you.

Proofing for aluminum prints is as follows: Single Proof $15, Double Proof $25, Match Proof starts at $50

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